of customer biometrics verified within 15 seconds

with Onfido fully automated Motion biometric verification

The challenge

Check allows users to rent electric scooters using their smartphones. We caught up with Rick van’t Hof, Product Owner at Check, who manages the onboarding experience of new Check users.

New Check customers are required to provide a valid license to prove that they are over 18 years old. Without proper verification, Check risks losing the scooters to someone who isn’t who they say they are, causing financial and reputational risk. So accurate verification is crucial to Check’s success.

In a crowded scooter market, customers expect quick, seamless sign-up. The longer sign-up takes, the lower conversion Check sees as would-be customers go elsewhere. Tasked with finding a solution to help reduce fraud and increase conversion within Check’s onboarding journey, Rick and his team had three key requirements in mind:

  • Privacy-first: ensuring rider data is stored securely outside of Check’s servers.
  • Seamless integration: enabling a quicker route to market with powerful SDK.
  • User-friendly: getting riders verified without the need for manual reviews.

The solution

Check partnered with Onfido in 2019 with a mission of reducing fraud. Van’t Hof had worked with Onfido at a prior business, and wished to bring the solution to Check. Check’s initial implementation leveraged Onfido’s document verification and biometric video liveness. This fulfilled the three requirements that Check was looking for; secure, outsourced data storage, an easy-to-integrate solution with off-the-shelf SDKs, and a powerful UX.

"Onfido is very simple to integrate with and there is no more need to lose sleep over verifications", explains Van’t Hof. Most recently, Check has swapped out Onfido’s Video solution for Motion, our next-generation approach to biometric verification. Motion delivers active liveness with a seamless UX, asking customers to complete a simple head turn.

Using Onfido Motion, it’s very clear to our customers what is being asked of them when being verified', said Van’t Hof. 'It enables them to set up an account in seconds and be on their way on one of our scooters, while enabling us to keep operating costs low and run efficiently as an agile and high-growth business.

Rick van’t Hof, Product Owner, Check

The results

Onfido is one of the first points of contact for new Check users to verify their identity and prevent fraud. Onfido Motion verifies 90% customers in under 15 seconds, empowering Check to onboard more customers, more quickly, while significantly reducing their fraud exposure.

Being one of the first companies to use Motion, Check has seen positive results including a decrease in verification time and fewer support tickets coming in. The reduction in support tickets at account creation has driven down acquisition costs, and increased conversion rates at sign-up. And the integration of Motion was as simple as changing a few lines of code, saving the team valuable time and resources and getting them to market sooner.

Check sees Onfido as a core enabler of secure, automated customer acquisition and will continue to use Onfido to drive verification and prevent fraud. Find out more at ridecheck.app.

About Check

Priding themselves as the fastest way around town, Check allows users to rent electric scooters, fast. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Check operates in cities throughout Germany and the Netherlands.