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Meeting KYC requirements in the US can mean using a mix of systems, and manually confirming the identity of users. Onfido helps hundreds of businesses meet US KYC regulations in an end-to-end platform.

How can Onfido help?

Onboarding Customers

Navigate BSA Act and AML Act compliance

Create digital onboarding journeys that are compliant and scalable, all in a drag-and-drop interface.

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Navigate Compliance

Digitize onboarding with confidence

Grow your business across digital channels without compromising on regulatory requirements.

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Detect Fraud

Prevent organized fraud

Stop identity fraud by orchestrating a suite of verifications and signals, powered by our award-winning Atlas™ AI.

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Reduce Complexity

Reduce complexity

Global document coverage, trusted databases, and no-code workflows provide you with all the tools you need to know your customers.

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Introducing the Real Identity Platform

Identity verification solutions for US KYC

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Document and Biometric Verification

Have confidence in your customer’s identity by verifying US-issued photo IDs such as a driver’s licence. Powered by Atlas™ AI, our Onfido document verification uses advanced techniques to assess documents for authenticity. 

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Onfido Studio

Build identity verification workflows according to your needs in our drag-and-drop orchestration tool. Users are automatically routed to the path that makes the most sense for them to maximize conversion and minimize risk.

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Industry Leading UI

Smart Capture

Make document and biometric capture seamless with our Smart Capture SDKs. They feature glare and blur detection, multi-frame image capture, and WCAG AA accessibility features.

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Data Verification

Validate user-submitted data against a range of trusted data sources globally and locally. Choose a range of database verification methods including Identity Record, PEPs and Sanctions Watchlists, and more.

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Stop advanced fraud

Fraud Detection Signals

Analyze passive fraud signals like phone and device intelligence to catch organized fraud without introducing additional user friction.

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Onfido is built around privacy and security

Profile icon The Real Identity Platform

SOC 2 Type II compliance

Strong safeguarding protocols keep customer data safe.

Gear icon Onfido Studio

Certified to ISO 27001

Under certificate number IS 660122.

Menu Icon Onfido Atlas

WCAG 2.1 AA compliant

Our solutions are built to be accessible and independently accredited.

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CCPA, BIPA and the emerging privacy laws

We work with regulators to embed privacy controls into our solutions.

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