Stay ahead of the fraudsters by learning about their latest, most innovative techniques. 

This video, the first in the Fraud Lab video series, explores fraud definitions and terminology, delves into the ins and outs of fraud rings, and shares important details about fraud prevention techniques, including identity verification and digital identity checks. 

Understanding the primary terminologies in the world of fraud is the first step to recognizing fraudulent activities and protecting yourself from them.

When awareness of fraud isn’t enough, Joe Perez, the host of “The Fraud Lab” video series, walks through the right strategies that you need to navigate fraud for yourself and your business.

If you’ve ever wondered how fraudsters made money from their activities and what they do to protect themselves from getting caught, you’ve got to watch this video.

The ultimate goal of fraudsters is to make money. Whether it’s through phishing, fake job offers, marketplace scams… the list goes on and on. To facilitate all of these attacks, they need accounts. A lot of accounts.

Adam Woźniak, Sr. Fraud Specialist, Onfido

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Our Identity Fraud Report 2024 looks at the hard numbers behind identity fraud. Learn why we're seeing deepfakes 3,000% more frequently, which industries are being targeted, and which documents are most vulnerable around the globe.

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